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For Startups, MVP Can Be a Fast Entry to E-commerce

In sports, the MVP (Most Valuable Player) label is reserved for players who make a dramatic impact on a game. For Startups, a different type of MVP can provide a fast connection point to potential customers.

For online startups that are considering introducing products to new customers, an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) can allow a company to quickly introduce and test a product or multiple products.

In its simplest iteration, an MVP is a prototype that’s sufficiently defined and refined to allow it to be tested by customers. The CX and feedback is then used to iterate the product further.

At Agory, we help both startups and established companies shape their thoughts into an MVP using a Sprint approach. The MVP provides an accelerated track to define, build and test a product. Feedback from testing can then be used to refine and pursue the best and most successful ideas.

So how do help startups with a minimum viable product?

We help flesh out your ideaA key challenge for startups is deciding which idea to develop into a product. Often, given limited resources, not every idea can be make it to a viable product. But what to pursue? We help evaluate your ideas, uncover gaps in current solutions, help your team build consensus around a product you can test.

Create a map for success

We help define where you are and where you want to go. As those two points come into focus, we work with you to create the roadmap to get you to your goal. Along the journey, we help you move from doubt to certainty by employing different ways to evaluate assumptions, engaging with your customers, rapidly prototyping, and iterating solutions.

Gain traction with real world prototypes

We help demystify ideas, translate them into tangible visuals, and facilitate concrete conversations around how to move the idea forward with prototypes that your team, your investors, and your customers can touch.


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