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WHAT WE DO & Our Guiding


Clients' Success is Our Mission. Through empathy-driven design, simplicity, and elegance, we empower businesses to thrive. Committed to excellence, transparency, and ethical practices, we deliver impactful solutions that drive results.



Agory, established in San Francisco in 2019, operates with a compact core team of 10 professionals based in San Francisco, augmented by a diverse pool of over 100+ creatives across two global locations.


Our modus operandi involves customizing teams for each project, ensuring adaptability and expertise in creative concepts, management, and technology. Catering to a spectrum of clients ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to burgeoning brands and nascent startups, we offer agile and specialized talent solutions on a global scale.



Strategists, designers, developers, dreamers, and doers – that’s us! We’ve heard we’re a blast to collaborate with. Here’s a sneak peek of the awesome folks you’ll get to know when you join forces with us.

Human-Centered Design

Focusing On People’s Real Needs


The user is central to our design philosophy. For every screen we design and build, the person interacting with that screen is top of mind. What are their needs? More importantly, what are the behaviors motivating those needs? By taking a human-centered design approach, we are able to better anticipate and meet people’s expectations as they interact with your business and products.


To achieve this, we conduct thorough foundational research before we even begin to think about design. This allows us to really understand the people you’re trying to reach and how to successfully engage them with your product or service. From there, we use our findings as a guide to design in a way that solves your problem and meets the user’s needs in the simplest way possible.


Agile Software Development

Blending Agile With Offshore


Agile software development allows teams to deliver quickly, collaborate often, and continually improve their product. We take a slightly modified approach to the Agile methodology that maximizes those benefits while utilizing a hybrid offshore model.


Our technical teams in Pune, India and Islamabad, Pakistan are 100% fluent in English and have adapted their workday to 4-12pm local time (4 am–noon PST). This makes communication a breeze and allows for a four-hour overlap with our U.S. based account managers, solutions architects, project managers, and designers. We conduct daily standups via Google Hangouts that keep everyone collaborating and on the same page — even if they’re not in the same office, city, or even country.

Secure Delivery

Where Secure Delivery Meets Efficiency


Effective security protocols should strike a balance between protecting data and creating a seamless process for users that imposes as little friction as possible. The more cumbersome a security process, the more likely someone may leave an important password or key code on a post-it note at their desk. That simple error in judgment puts an entire system at risk of a breach.


By utilizing tools like role-based access control with single sign-on, we ensure that people have access to what they need in an efficient manner. We control access to source code in a very similar way. We consider security and privacy during every step of the development process — from single, standalone applications to cloud infrastructure. Additionally, our support teams can monitor your system post-launch, keeping an eye on any suspicious patterns. Should we detect any odd activity, we offer guidance on steps to minimize any potential damage.


Risk Management

Stopping Roadblocks Before They Happen


Identifying potential risks at the start of — and during — any software project is critical to the success of the project. Risks can come from any source — from budget and cost, from schedule, from technology, and from people. Our risk management team has experience identifying and dealing with those, as well as other risks to ensure continuity should an unforeseen issue pop up in the middle of a project.


Our team proposes, validates, and implements solutions that make the most sense for the project. Additionally, we monitor resource capacity. With multiple projects in flight simultaneously, it’s crucial that we have the right people with the right skillset available to meet our clients ’needs and keep projects on track.

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