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Zack Fox

Sr Director UX

Sr Director UX

I'm Zack, the Sr. User Experience Director at Agory Design, and I've had the pleasure of being part of the team since its inception. I'm the guy who always asks, "Why?"—and then asks it again. This inquisitive nature helps me uncover the gaps between our products and the users, ensuring we create designs that truly resonate and delight. My passion for understanding the "why" behind user behaviors and needs drives my work and fuels my creativity.

But it's not all about user flows and wireframes. Outside of work, you'll often find me exploring the great outdoors, hiking through nature, and finding inspiration in the beauty around me. My colleagues know me as a caring and dedicated individual, always ready to lend a hand or share a laugh. I believe that a bit of fun and a lot of curiosity go a long way in creating exceptional user experiences. At Agory Design, I strive to blend my passion for design with my love for adventure, making sure that every project is not only user-centric but also a fun and engaging journey for the entire team.

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